Human Resources Guidance and Tools

In this Human Resources Guidance section,  you will find tools that will help you stay compliant with human resources including 8 Strategies for Preventing FMLA Abuse, Employer Recordkeeping Guide, Labor Law Penalties by Company Size and many more...

2017 State Minimum Wage Chart 
An Easy-to-Understand Chart Featuring Increased Minimum Wage Rates 

Minimum Wage_2017.png

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Federal Labor Laws by Company Size Chart 
Labor Laws That Will Impact Your Business

Labor Laws by Company Size.png

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Labor Law Penalties by Company Size Chart  
Penalties That Apply to Your Company

Labor Law Penalties by Company Size.png 


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Must-Do HR Compliance Checklist  
Steps to Keep HR Compliant 

Must-Do HR Compliance Steps.png



Employer Recordkeeping Guide 
Overview of Key Federal Recordkeeping Responsibilities 

Employee Recordkeeping Guide .png


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